Why Choose Flexi25?

Flexi25 can be installed in a right-angled format or completely flat, enabling Flexi25 to be the best solution for many frame types and glass bridging systems.

Flexi25 is designed to operate using adhesion, allowing for the film and glass to be anchored into place with no need for structural modifications to the existing window frames, keeping any glazing structural warranties intact.

Flexi25 works by using a specially designed flex-zone that expands when under pressure and is designed to delay the point at which the filmed glass pane enters the interior. The flexi-zone contracts and directs the glass pane away from the building protecting those inside.

Flexi25 is used in conjunction with safety or security window film. The Flexi25 is fixed to both the safety film and the frame edge and when a force is applied the energy is absorbed by the flex-zone, ensuring that the glass and film remain within the frame.

Flexi25 is a superior system to other methods of edge retention such as using structural silicone. Structural silicone has no performance data with scenarios such as Nickle Sulphide Inclusions and once applied will leave an unpleasant odour for a lengthy period. Flexi25 is a proven, industry leading, anchoring system that is odour free.