Blast & Security Protection

The Flexi25 Glass Anchoring System will enhance the performance of safety and security window films in the event of an explosion.

Flexi25 secures the filmed glass to the frame, further reducing the risk of injury. The threat of a terrorist attack occurring anywhere in the world is acutely higher now than it has been in many years which has led to an increased need for companies to ensure the safety of their staff and visitors in the event of an explosion or bomb blast.

It is important to understand that it is impossible to completely remove the threat posed by attack, but the safety and security of your building can be greatly improved with the installation of the correct window film and blast protection anchoring system.

The images on the right are from our latest testing which achieved ISO 16933 EXV25 status. No glass fragments entered the internal test area which achieved a pass. Whilst there are glass fragments externally, no safety film was applied to the external face of the glass. The purposes of this test were to protect the interior of the building in the event of a significant explosion from outside of the building.