High Performance

Glass Anchoring System.

High Performance Protection

  • Tested to the highest standard with certified performance at just 25 metres from the test blast.
  • Outperforms Silicon and Other Fixed Anchoring Systems
  • Flexi25 Tested to ISO16933 EXV33 AND EXV25 in November, 2019. It is the only system fully tested and certified within the last 5 years.

Flexi25 is designed to protect occupants in the event of bomb blast and glass failure.

Guaranteed to Last

Flexi25 is warrantied for the same period of time as the film with which it is fitted. Giving over 10 years assured performance with all leading brands.

Flexi25 is a non-intrusive anchoring system used in conjunction with leading brand safety films.

Full Range of
Sizes, Colours & Profile Shapes

  • 3 size options in both Standard 180 degree and ‘Z’ profile options.
  • Black, White and Grey colours as standard, with the option to have the profile colour matched to the frame colour.
  • Maintaining the appearance of a building is essential, Flexi25 when installed is designed to appear as part of the original window system.

Perfect for Glass Bridging – with a unique lay-flat design.

Flexible Design

  • Flexi25 can be installed in a right-angled format or completely flat (see diagrams) so that it can be easily applied to a multitude of frames and used to bridge neighbouring panels.
  • Flexi25 uses adhesion, allowing the film and glass to be anchored in place with no need for structural modifications to the existing window frames, keeping any structural glazing warranties intact.

Avoids the unnecessary use of silicone – No offensive smell and better for the environment.

Training and Application

  • We provide purpose made tools to support the selection of the correct profile size when surveying and full training of your staff using purpose made installation tools designed to make the application fast and easy.
  • Training and installation kits are free of charge with an order in excess of 500 metres.


Users of Flexi25

The Flexi25 Glass Anchoring System is designed to prevent glass fragments or debris entering the building interior.
It is used in three specific applications;

Blast & Security Protection

Spontaneous Glass Breakage

Glass Bridging